Configuration Queue


I have a context contains application queue in my diaplan.
My purpose is during the music on hold, I want added a message to tell to the caller for each 2 min for example.
I mean each 2min, there is a message in additionnal of the music on hold
How does I configure my dialplan ?
Here is my context contains the queue:
exten => 80002,1,Answer()
same => n,Queue(commerciale,t)
same => n,Hangup()

And here the property of the queue commerciale

persistentmembers = yes
autofill = yes
monitor-type = MixMonitor

timeout = 20
retry = 5
maxlen = 0
joinempty = no
leavewhenempty = yes
announce-position = yes ;annonce position client in the FA
;announce-position-limit = 1
;announce-position-only-up = yes
timeoutrestart = yes


Thank you so much

The queue configuration provides the periodic-announce option[1] to set custom sound files to be played periodically. There is also an option for configuring the frequency[2].


Although you should note that periodic announcements cannot be interrupted when an agent becomes free whilst they are playing, and it is possible to miss your turn, so some people embed the announcements in the music on hold file.

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