[SOLVED] MeetMe Announcements

Ok, I’ve been running applications on 1.4 for quite some time using
meetme to hold a person, while the person on the other end of the call
accepts, etc. I was playing status messages to the calling party using a
context like this:

exten => 100,1,Playback(my_status_message)
exten => 100,1,Hangup()

and then creating a call file like this:

Channel: Local/100@status-one-en
CallerID: Rick <5555555555>
MaxRetries: 0
RetryTime: 15
WaitTime: 45
Application: MeetMe
Data: 12345,qdM

and it would hook into the meetme, play the message, then hangup and
drop out.

I’ve been building an application with 1.6, and this isn’t working at
all. In verbose mode, I see the message played, and the call hang up,
but the music never even stops on the meetme. After about 20 seconds I

Call failed to go through, reason (3) Remote end Ringing

Is there some other way to do this in 1.6 that I’m unaware of? I’ve
tried creating a context and extension for the meetme portion (rather
than using the Application/Data in the call file, and switched the order
around (which does cause the music to stop, but the announcement still
doesn’t get played, and I get the same call failed message). I’ve been
googling on this for days now, and really just need to get it working.



I might add that it’s Asterisk running on Ubuntu 10.04 with DAHDI 2.2.1

I upgraded to Asterisk, and it fixed the problem. Must have been a bug in that version.