[solved] How to set no queue() timeout?



want no timeout.

Some docs say it defaults to 5 min, others no timeout.

Which is true? thanks

Calls will stay in the queue indefinitely if you simply don’t include the timeout parameter in the Queue application call.

Please provide links to specific documentation that contradicts this. Note that “timeout” in queues.conf is not about how long callers can stay in the queue (although, in some cases, it may increase, but never decrease, that time.

type this into google:

“asterisk queue()”

First page results:

several links to voip wiki:

Now this is a bit ad-hoc and I would much prefer the official sources… but where are they? Not available through Boolean search…

But here’s the thing, the asterisk domain has enough power to push the official wiki to the top.

Functional design, proper html formatting, and thought for SEO in terms of getting the pagerank flowing through.

For example:

No sign of any documentation… no documentation in the first page of hits for “asterisk wiki”.

It has no links to any documentation… and it redirects to some page with no information?

So the official documentation is out there somewhere, just not available readily.

This is the seconfd result when I search that:

wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … ing+Queues.

Google has custom search for each user. If you are using asterisk then you are supposed to know where is the official wiki. Voip-Info has a good old information, for most recent information about the project use the official wiki.

The page you mentioned doesn’t have any information related to the “queue()” function which I searched for. It has no timeout information. In fact it looks very bear and devoid of most useful information which I would need at a glance.

I’ve been dong this longer than the Digium wiki has been online.

My point was that the official sources are obfuscated, and not readily apparent. They should not be.

They should be at the top of a google search result be design.

Well if you are looking for quick and good help the cli is your best option. So a “core show application queue” will tell you what you need.

Yes, thank you for that advice. That can provide some information.

However, what I need is a technical description of what each function does.

Just like PHP, or any other programming language, you would have those docs.

Here, there are none. What I’m seeing is a barnstorming , trial-and-error approach.

My observation that it needs clear official and detailed documentation, is as valid today as when I first brought it up 5 years ago.

I really can’t follow you or can’t understand what are you trying to get about the info. Cli has all functions and commands with detailed information about the required arguments to make it work.

Based on the thread’s topic the TIMEOUT is detailed in the “core show application queue” output. For more detailed information you have the queue.conf file(actually all configuration files has a very long detailed information).

If you need more or very specific information about the operation I guess you can check the source code. But again I can’t follow you.