Call Queue - Rransfer to Voice Menu after waiting x minutes

I’ve poured over the Asterisk documentation, but can’t seem to find the answer to this one.

If a caller is placed into the queue, I only want them to wait 5 minutes before giving them the option to continue holding or to leave a message.

In extensions.conf, I tried creating a timeout rule, but it didn’t work.

Is this possible with Asterisk?

Many thanks,

I figured out how to do this:


By turning off the timeout in queue and setting it when calling the Queue function, it will fall through to the next command after 60 seconds.

This allows me to keep a caller in our queue for a minute before taking them to a voice menu. The VM gives them the option to continue holding or pressing 1 to leave a message.

Thought I would post this resoultion in case others were looking for something similiar.

I am having a similar struggle. The problem with this approach, I believe, is that the caller loses his place in the queue each time the voicemenu is played.


This way someone who picks the “stay in queue” option will come back in the queue as the last one in line with the risk of not being served within a minute and to make this choice again and again.

I think it is a good idea to use a second “overflow” queue for moments that it is very crowded with extra agents to pick up the phoe. Sending the caller back into the same queue is not a real nice solution.