Asterisk Nobody picked up after X seconds to continue dialplan

Hello, if my queue has timeout. I’m getting a No body picked up message. What I want to do is continue with the calling plan if the timeout expires. How can I do that? Thanks for answers.

You just continue with the dialplan!

This is the normal behaviour when a Queue times out.

My extension.conf;
my queues.conf;


but dont continue. I not want to Queue(xx,,,,30) becouse this is the second caller continues the calling plan. I dont want this.

Please explain. Queues only have one caller.

The timeout in queues.conf will not cause the application to terminate. Asterisk will wait retry, re-evaluate the available agents, and go round again.

So how can I do this? What I want to do is to continue dialplan when the first caller is timeout, if there is no timeout and a connection is established with the member, I want the second caller to stay in the queue until the call is over.

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Please don’t start multiple threads for the same issue.

This is not same question. I can fix this question problem via n option. i am also sharing the solution to help people facing the same problem;
in extensions.conf;


n option is: No retries on the timeout; will exit this application and go to the next step.

In terms of the behaviour for other calls in the queue, this is no different from specifying the timeout in the Queue application call, an option that you rejected above.

No, it’s different. Because when we specified a timeout in the queue application, this caused other callers to continue their calling plan when the timeout expired. The n option prevents this.

Please provide logs confirming this, as I believe it would be a bug for the handling of one caller to affect the next.

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