Digium D80 Firmware upgrade?

We have just purchased a Digium D80 phone. The current firmware is It is showing up in my Connectivity/Digium Phones screen. I have the latest firmware 2.6.1 package downloaded that shows in the Connectivity/Firmware screen. It has an Edit, Info and Delete button, but i see no way to push the new firmware to the phone. How does this work? There is got to be something simple i am missing.
Thanks for any help. I am a newbie with the DPMA and Digium phones. All my other phones are Cisco SPA303’s and 504/525’s. Also, the web interface on the phone itself is not available.


You must be using the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX. DPMA (res_digium_phone.so) is an Asterisk module. The Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX is just a PHP FreePBX addon that writes the DPMA configuration file(s) - res_digium_phone.conf.

First, turn off Easy Mode - it’s in the General Settings tab. Save, then press the Red button up top.

Then, from the firmware tab, you’ll need to check for updates. 2_6_5 (as of this writing) is the latest firmware for the D40, D45, D50, D60, D62, D65 and D70 models.
1_8_1 (as of this writing) is the latest for the D80 model.
Once it’s selected, press the Download button. You’ll have to wait a while. It’s about 185MB.

Once it’s done, there will be a close button in the popup. Press it.
Then do the Red button thing.
Then, back on the Phones tab, when you select the phone you want to use for your D80, or if you add a new one, you can edit, then scroll down, then find “Select Firmware.” 1_8_1 should be in the list. Then to the bottom to Save, then Red button.
Then, up top, the Recofigure button by the phone in question.

The D80, beginning with 1_4_1, and the other models, beginning with 2_2_1_7, also provide a direct web interface at:
http://[ip of phone]/firmware
that’s accessible using “admin” and the phone’s web UI password (defaults to 789), provided that you’re not enforcing firmware from the server (which is what we just did above).

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