New to AsteriskNow and need help connecting D80 phone


I am looking at moving our customer base to AsteriskNow and got my hands on the new Digium D80 but can not seem to get it connected.

I was able to get the DPMA setup with a new license, etc

From the D80 i enter the IP and port then iasks for a configuration pin. i thought this might be the global pin but that does not work.

what am i missing?



At present, the D80 is a phone that works best with Switchvox or where you’re building your own DPMA (Digium Phone Module for Asterisk) configurations for it. The current version of the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX - the PHP module for FreePBX that provides a control interface to DPMA - does not do a number of things that the D80 needs.

The D80 needs DPMA 3.3.2 to work at all. DPMA 3.4.0 is better, as it corrects a number of issues with data that it presents to the D80, especially with respect to some of the phone’s applications. Product data sheet notes 3.4 as the minimum requirement.

D80 firmware prior to 1.3.0 doesn’t interact with user+PIN modes. It should interact where global pin is the only auth requirement. You can disable the auth temporarily if you’re running into trouble though.

At present, D80 firmware for use with Asterisk+DPMA is at version 1.3.2. You’ll want to get that version onto your phones.



Well that sucks kinda of, my phone is on 1.1.2 :frowning:

and like stated before this is my first instance. Anyone got a demo system I could connect to and have the phone upgraded?


Where did you define the global pin? Did you write your own res_digium_phone.conf for DPMA management or did you use the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX module?

I am using the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX.

First, you’ll probably want a newer version of DPMA (suggest 3.4.1). 3.2 is before compatibility for the D80 was added.
Next, you should disable Easy mode.
Then you should change Phone Authentication Method from Global Pin to None (you’ve got old firmware and we need to get it up to something newer so do this for now)
Then, go to the Firmware tab.
Then check for updates. Then select for the D80 and download it.
Then roll back to the phones tab. And mark the phone for the firmware that was just downloaded.
Then hit the big red button up top.
And point your phone at the server.
The firmware should update from 1.1.2 to - I’ve just done it, so I know it works.