New digium phone firmware

Hi, I did not see a “phone” specific place to put this so sorry if its in the wrong topic. Recently (on 6/1) a new firmware was posted to the digium ftp site firmware_1_0_5_46476. anyone have any release notes on this new 1.0.5 firmware?


There’s a better format (and process) for release notes coming…until then…

Issues Resolved:

  • Phones using DHCP on a VLAN no longer incorrectly restart because of a reported IP address change.
  • The phone now reboots when it detects that it’s on a different network, and is idle.
  • The phone now assigns the VLAN QoS priority to RTP.
  • The “Reset Volume After Each Call” now behaves correctly under circumstances that previously caused the handset volume to be 0.

Great! you would not happen to have a list of the previous firmware fixes?

Thank You!

That covers changes from 1.0.3 to 1.0.5. We didn’t publish anything between that for Asterisk users.

our phones had the 1.0.1 firmware when we received them (first shipment). just would like to know what changed between then and 1.0.3.

still waiting for a blind xfer on blf button option :smile:

thank you for your time.

Ah, k.

That’d be:

  • With the phone offhook, pressing another line key now correctly switches to that line.
  • The Msgs button now behaves correctly while the phone is offhook.
  • The call-waiting tone now plays every 10 seconds (instead of just once).
  • Large call logs now load more quickly.
  • The phone no longer rings when a ring rule specifies visual-only.
  • The phone now plays the netbusy tone when you dial an invalid extension (503 service unavailable).
  • Local settings are now deleted when the phone is reconfigured by a server (Digium Configuration Server, or Fetch Configuration File).
  • Network Utilities now includes a list of mDNS services found by the phone.

What do you mean:

“blind xfer on blf button option”