[SOLVED] asterisk on Fiber line

Hey everyone.
I’m encountering a weird issue. My office has been running an asterisk 1.2 server which was hooked up to DSL. Our company has grown so much that we decided to upgrade from DSL to Fiber. The remote SIP phones we use seem to do fine connecting to the server, and even placing the call when I was testing on the Fiber. When the other party picks up, however, no voice gets transmitted. I didn’t change anything when moving it from the DSL to the Fiber. Its funny because I can hear the phone ring on the line, but as soon as someone picks up or goes to voicemail, I get silence. Is there something I need to change when migrating to Fiber? I was also thinking it could be that I need to upgrade to 1.4. As always, any comments or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a classic NAT issue.

There were no firewall changes? Were there any harware changes at all? Maybe the new router has a built in firewall that you need to either disable or open the ports on?

If things worked fine on DSL they should work fine on the fiber assuning the correct ports are open. Upgrading to 1.4 wouldn’t fix this problem.

Well I called our Fiber provider and and they told me that they were in no way blocking any packets whatsoever nor would they ever do it. So then I got to thinking that maybe there is something funky with my router. Instead of swapping out the router with another one, I plugged my box directly into the fiber line and gave it the static IP that was provided by my provider. Once again I was able to connect 2 remote phones fine and even called each one. But the same problem occurred. The phones would ring and I could hear the ringing on the phone but when it would not transmit the voice or even transmit the voicemail message. I checked the logs and it says that voicemail was playing but still nothing. Is there anyone out there who can tell me why this is happening?

Is there a configuration file somewhere that possibly has the static IP of the DSL that I can swap for the static IP of the Fiber. Is it possible that that is whats causing this problem?

Well I figured out what was wrong and I feel incredibly stupid for not seeing it before. In my SIP.conf file I had declared the externip to that of my dsl and had not changed it to match the fiber ip when I moved it over. If anything this is a learning experience. Thanks to all who posted.