Weird.. Nat issue?

Hi all,

Here’s a weird one for you. I have an asterisk box setup on a School campus with a public IP. I have phones on and off campus that communicate with it back and fourth. However, at one off-site location there is more than one phone. There are four phones setup and they are all behind a NAT (linksys router). When I do a sip show peers these four phones show up as having all the same IP’s because It’s using the public IP of the router.

These phones basically just choose when they want to work though. One minute phone 5 will work and the next minute phone 5 doesn’t work but phone 4 is still working. They all stay registered and say they’re online and ready but you try to call them and most of the time they don’t even ring. Not sure if I’m having a port issue or what. The router is a linksys wrt54Gs. Weird part is that I can always access my mail (asterisk voicemail) from these phones but they don’t always work to call other extensions. Not sure if the calls can get out but can’t get back in for some reason. Anyone have any ideas? I would appreciate it.


Have you got them all to qualify=yes and nat=yes on them all,

The reason the on that works is changing is, thats the last phone to register.


Yes I have had them all set to these parameters. That is what I figured. Do I need a different router or something?