All Calls Going Straight To Voicemail

We have a client that any calls going to his extension whether it be via an inbound route, or a direct call from one extension to another, they go directly to voicemail. The message I’m seeing is “DAHDI/1-1”, “MMODE=CHANUNAVAIL”. We are using FreePBX and Polycom phones. The phone log doesn’t even show a missed call, it’s routed directly to unavailable. Anyone ever come accross this and know what might resolve it.

Does your client able to proceed outgoing calls from his Polycom phone? And Is the phone registered on server? I guess smth can be wrong with phone settings, but for sure you need to check :smile:

Is the phone registered?

What does sip show peers show?

My apologies. It’s actually a Linksys phone. I’m checking with the end user to see if they are definitely able to make outgoing calls. Supposedly they can, but I’d rather double check than assume.
The phone is registered, at least according to the log on the phone. I’m having them power cycle the phone to see if I see it connect to the asterisk box. I can access the phone via IP, so it is on the network. I’ll have to see what they tell me today, and see if a reboot resolves it and let you know. thx.

OK. so I had them reboot the phone, then went in and re-registered it, even though it showed as registered. But, the reboot and register did fix it. Not sure why it got screwy, but for now I’m not going to worry about it. Thanks for the responses and help!