Softphone which accepts shortcut parameters in Windows

I would like to create a desktop icon which calls 911 automatically when clicked.

I have looked at a number of softphones and I don’t see any which seem to support short cut parameters.
Has anyone tried to do something similar?

I’m not sure the emergency services will like that. If you are in a high enough risk environment to need such a facility, you should consult with them about the best way of achieving it.

Certainly devices with panic buttons sold in the UK generally can’t be configured to dial the UK equivalent. You would have to go through a specialist call centre, instead.

Thanks for the advice david. It seems what I was suggesting isn’t immediately an option at this time.

So here is the solution I ended up going with in case any one cares.

I ended up using pjsua. With a Windows shortcut which has a hotkey assigned to it, and some flags passed to the executable.

Only the source is available online for a user to build, so I am putting up the binary built for Windows x86: … sp=sharing
(this was used on windows 7)

You will also need to install the MS Visual C++ redistributable in order for the binary to work:

Then you can just create a shortcut and append the line ‘–config-file sip:911@<address/domain_name>’ to the end of the target field.
Instructions for creating the config file can be found here:
Note, pjsua seems to expect a domain name for the registrar field, if you enter an ip address here instead, pjsua will return an error: 'invalid sip uri …'
You can actually omit the registrar field, and things seem to work anyway.
Finally, you can assign a hotkey to the shortcut, as long as the short cut is on the desktop or within the start menu folder hierarchy.

As david55 mentioned, it may be inappropriate to just dial 911 without being able to communicate with them. In this case, pjsua will use your default recording device as its source of audio.

In my case i did it ,using PHP and Asterisk AMI. I wrote a Webscript that make a phone call to 911 or any other number using the AMI originate command, then i set the WebScript as my default homepage in my Web Browser and create a shortcut to my desktop and that’s it


Well, I wish you were here when I first posted this. I had not explored the AMI.

However, if I understand what the originate command actually does, it sounds as if this solution would still require the user to answer a phone some how, before the call is actually placed.

In this particular case I am looking for something discreet, like a silent alarm or panic button. I guess there probably exists a sip client with auto answer.

Nonetheless, I appreciate the input.

Try with this

The IP phones too has this options (AUTO-ANSWER). I’m using a Grandstream GXP2110 With the Auto Answer and the Web Script that i mentioned earlier