Softphone with by-default AutoAnswer active?

I am looking for Softphone which work on Windows platform.
Softphone must have ‘default AutoAnswer on’.
Means example:-
When I install softphone, it does not have any SIP registration.
But it has some by-default settings.
In that I am looking active AutoAnswer option.

I tried Ekiga, Linphone, mizuphone, x-lite etc but all have default AutoAnswer off. I have to click on settings & active it.
So all these softphones not useful for me.

Need help.

It can be done with the mizu softphone for windows.

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Linphone has auto answer!

Thanks mcrichard & jersonjunior for reply.
I got modified requirement that,

  1. Auto-answer by default (at time of installation).
  2. No one can change it at any condition.
    I am now using peers softphone which is open source java program.
    I change its call answering logic.
    Now I have softphone which has auto answering functionality which can not be change though this softphone has own other issues.


I wonder if what you are really after is AgentLogin, where the phone is always up, and each call is preceded by a beep.

Yes, that is limitation of this feature. But

  1. that can handle by call controlling application which runs along with asterisk server.
  2. If user not want to attend call, he/she should close the softphone so sip entity unregister in asterisk. (Currently I am facing problem in this section, peers not unregister sip properly)