Snom 821 with asterisk

I cant find any good info online as to how to set up asterisk with the snom 821 deskphones i have. Im new to astrisk and i just ask for patients with me please

If you are new to Asterisk, you have to install your asterisk, then you have to create Sip account on asterisk if you are using chan_sip than in sip.conf file you have to set up. You can find on asterisk very good configuration of Bob and Alic which is perfect to connect it. Please check the following link to create accounts

[](http://How to make Sip accounts on Asteirsk)

As for Snom 821, you can check this document, just change details as per your Sip client you have made in Asterisk server.

[](http://Snom configuration with VOIP provider)

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I should also note im using freepbx for the GUI. I have 2 of the same phones and i just want to be able to get them to talk to each other. Do i need to maunaly pjsip.conf or sip.conf to the server?

If you are using FreePBX then your question may be better suited on that forum[1] instead. You will need to use the GUI to add the respective things. Trying to do things behind the back of FreePBX can result in further problems.


Okay I will try that. I just figured since im using a asterisk server i should go here but i understand thanks