Basic help needed

I’m very new to Asterisk but not Linux

I have followed some of the tutorials online but have been unsuccessful each time, this is what I want to achieve, but can you help me with what I need to put in the config files to do it?

I have a SIP account with a provider who gave me a phone number, I have the domain, username and pass for the account. I want asterisk to be able to be a client to this account to accept and make calls through.

I want two accounts/users for my softphones the main one 100 to receive all incoming calls from the public numberand make calls and the second account 200 just to make outgoing calls and calls to 100.

Its a simple setup, but I really don’t know what to put in what config files.

Any help would be appreciated.

One last question, on top of this setup, would i be able to make it play a .wav audio file instead of going though to an extension, like a night mode or something?

If you are using plain asterisk use:

sip.conf for add your sip trunk an your sip devices 100 and 101.

extensions.conf for make your dialplan rules for inbound and outbound context.

for playing a wav in your inbound context add a playback or bacground command.

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