Need help with Asterisk now Usage -First time user!

Hi All,

I have installed AsteriskNow from the ISO image and chose the option of Asterisk with freepbx. After installation, it takes me to the commamnd line of CentOS and asks me to point to a particular IP address, but i dont have a browser to do so ( lynx is mediocre) how do i get to the gui page of freebx to configure it. pls help I am stuck here! I have nothing else other than the CLI with me now.


AsteriskNow has its own forums for help.

You don’t have another computer with a browers? If its on the same network you should be able to access that IP address.

Hi thank you so much, I did nt know that the server is different and I need to use another computer.

Another question I have is where do i install the soft phones now? on the server or the computer where i am browsing the interface.

you can do all of this from the server, but you said

So I basically suggested using another computer with a browser. If you have a browser such as firefox installed on your server, then you could use that. I personally install CentOS with the server GUI option so that I can run firefox and such.

As far as installing your softphone, that would depened on your needs/equipment. You can install it on the server, does your CentOS box have a headset/speaker/microphone to work with the softphone?

Thanks a bunch! I can also install the soft phone on the other computer , is that correct?


If you have multiple computers, install it on all. Then set the sip accounts for all of the softphones, as they will be sip devices. Then in your asterisk dialplan, configure it to ring all of the devices when calls go to certain extensions. You have alot of options, just have to figure out how you wish to set it all up.

Hello Mazzic,

Thank u very much. I grabbed two PCs and downloaded the xlite softphone on each of them . I went on to the freepbx interface and added the two xlite softphone-1( 2000) and xlite softphone-2 (2001) ( SIP information added, using my Ip address) But when I called 2001 from 2000 , a connection failed to establish and

the following error was displayed on the server in the command line:
use of uninitialised value in pattern match (m//) at /var/www/html/panel/ line 3374

could you pls tell me what the problem could be.

I reebooted the system, checked if asterisk was running, everything seemed ok, but the call failed to establish.

thanks in advance.


the error I was talking about is just to do with the graphical interface and does not hinder the performance of Asterisk, so thats solved.

Though I cannot still establish calls b/w ext1: 2000 ( I installed this on the computer that i am using to browse PBX) and ext2: 2001 ( installed on another computer)

Present working situation: I can call 2000 from 2001, call gets established but directly goes to voicemail. when 2000 calls 2001, the call fails instantaneously.

1.I checked if both other computers are able access the the Asterisk sever using Telnet and it just seems fine , the ports are open.

  1. Checked NAT to be enabled on the Free PBX

  2. Disabled all the firewalls

  3. we cannot alter the sip.conf & extensions.conf as I am using asterisk with freepbx gui ( also when i say vi sip.conf , it displays a message : do not edit this file, same for extensions.conf)( am I correct ???)

  4. On asterisk CLI sip show peers dispalys 2000, 2001 but says that they are offline.

Could someone help me in identifying the problem?

  • could it be that registration is not proper?
  • could it be anything with codes? ( but calls havent been established rt … so does this arise already?

forgot to mention , I am using Xlite softphones