Setup DID with Asterisk 18

I just installed Asterisk 18 and need some guidance. I need to know what files to edit and what should be contained within. Soft phone could not find the server - server firewall is disabled. The softphone is connecting from the internet. I was told that the DID would be pointed at the server by provider and it was just a matter of Asterisk being setup correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

well you need to configure several files in /etc/asterisk and it is not just a frew options

  • extensions.conf
  • pjsip*.conf
  • queues.conf

I recomend that you find a book on how to setup asterisk as it is not easy
alterntive you should look at witch has a full gui for configureing asterisk
as it is a way easyer to get a working PBX if you have no expirence and they have there own support forum on how to get started :slight_smile:

and then the required question: witch version of asterisk are you using

Thanks Mark, I have been trying to install FreePBX on a Google VM running CentOS 7 for the last week. Every single how-to guide on the web fails. Do you have on? I’m not set on CentOS.

just a google serach on “freepbx gcp”

Don’t know how Google VM works, but with Hetzner Cloud you just boot your VM with the FreePBX iso and done.

just keep in mind that VoIP and CloudServer is not a match made in heaven
as you need work a fine line to get around network issue
as SIP need special setup to work behind NAT and that you need to open several hundres ports to get RTP to work

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