Small office PBX interface

Currently have a very simple office phone system which has a custom user interface that allows everyone within the office to view who is on the phone and for how long, place calls to all extensions within the office and externally, other simple phone related tasks that don’t depend on Asterisk like phone book, etc.

The user interface is web based so everyone in the office can just open their web browser point it to our phone system and be greeted with a simple web page that provides the above functionality.

I’m currently moving our phone system from asterisk 1.8 to 11 and have been asked to see if there is an open source/free replacement to our current user interface. I have viewed a number of front ends so far but all of them were for call centers.

Any recommendations?

There are many, but the open sources that I tested and recommend are: FOP2 , FreePBX , MonAST , AsteriskEventMonitor and LynksAjaxPanel.

If you know a little of Java or PHP you can easly customize all of then. 8)
Good Luck.

Thanks Tonispa I will have a look at your suggestions.