Looking for an Asterisk web management and reporting interface

Hello again and thank you so much for the great support here.

I am using Asterisk and I was wondering if you could recommend or suggest any ready-to-use Web or graphical interface which could perform Asterisk management but also generate reports and maybe provide realtime monitoring. Something similar to FreePBX but which could be installed on any Asterisk/Linux system as a standalone software and not as a bundled OS/Asterisk/GUI package. It is preferable if it be open source and free of course but I would also consider any proprietary/paid options as well.

Thanks a lot.

You can install Manually FreePBX too, go to the wiki and find the instructions for doing manually. Besides that you are very limited about GUIs for asterisk with all your needs.

All other platforms are like freepbx OS/Asterisk/GUI like Xivo or Issabel.

Thank you for your reply.

Don’t you think that FreePBX and other similar software will mess with Asterisk config files and database? Will I have to reinstall Asterisk or do you think that a manually installed FreePBX could integrate easily with my current Asterisk system?


For sure it will mess not only with the configuration files, it will mess also with the logic and when you try to add some fancy stuff out of the box of FreePBX based systems you will end editing a bunch of files. So before going that path consider your options and why you need a GUI.

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Actually the main reason I think I need a GUI for Asterisk is for monitoring and reporting, i.e. statistics, etc. Actually, if I knew how to remotely pull such information from Asterisk using AMI or anything else, I wouldn’t go the GUI way. Do you think it could be relatively easy to perform monitoring and reporting remotely and programmatically? Are there any examples or tutorials for that? I am very good at programming.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.


Monitoring you mean view real time incoming and outgoing calls? If so, go for the FOP2 utility. For CDR just enable mysql ODBC cdr and then you can pul data from the database.

Asterisk wiki has the information about setting up ODBC to store the CDR, then you can create your own webpage to pull records.

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Thank a lot for the information. I will check it out.