Asterisk GUI


I’m really new in Asterisk and just started with Asterisk 13 + CentOS 7.
I have one question is there some Web Interface that I can add/edit/remove users and some kind of administration?

You can try Freepbx … n+CentOS+7

–Satish Barot

Thank you for the answer.

I will check it but before to do it can you tell me if there is option in the FreePBX that allow me to add new numbers from the web interface. I mean not from the console in voicemail.conf… sip.conf etc?

It is designed so that one should normally only configure it through the web interface, although there is some sort of provision for customisation by directly editing some files.

Note that it provides quite a lot of special dialplan which creates abstractions like trunks and ring groups, on top of the low level constructs from Asterisk. You will be typically be constrained to work within those constructs; it isn’t a way of accessing the full flexibility of Asterisk from a web interface.

In any case, the peer support for it is not provided here, but on

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