Consumer Access - Find a Asterisk Implementor in My Area

Hello Askteriskians,

I have heard about this project a few times over the years. Open source software is a critical part of technology’s future. Crosstalk Solutions (on Youtube)'s continual praise of the system make Asterisk an intriguing option. I am hopeful I can gain a better understanding of its capabilities, and that it is a good fit for someone experienced with computers without programming knowledge.

Does Asterisk’s PBX have a UI of a sort, to the degree someone could reconfigure parts of it without a technician (e. g. alter a menu’s option)?

Recently I was speaking with someone planning a new business and a need for a PBX was discussed. It would be five or less VOIP lines and a call answering introduction/menu system. Initial setup and configuration would be completed by an outside firm (to be selected).

Does Asterisk have a vendor locator or some approach to having a technician visit a small business in Providence, RI?

I appreciate any assistance that can be provided.

Thank you,

Ryan L

There are third party GUIs, they main one is FreePBX. None are supported on this forum.

However, I think it likely that , whilst the GUIs lose a lot of the power that Asterisk brings, they may still be too powerful for you. I don’t know a of a canned home PBX system based on Asterisk and I’m not sure there is one definition of such a system, anyway.

I’d generally advise against trying to set up a VoIP system with PSTN gateway unless you were of a techie nature, but if you do so, I’d probably try and select phones and gateways from the same supplier and get their advices on PBXes, as part or your problem will be configuring these peripherals.