Sipura 3000


I have recently purchased a sipura 3000. I have installed trixbox on to a pc. I would like to use my asterisk server for a voicemail system and possibly forwarding incoming analog calls to other numbers such as a cell phone. The part that I am struggling with is getting the sipura to forward the calls to the server or even pickup the line. I would like it to ring 4-5 times then transfer to the server so an IVR can direct the caller to leave a message for one of many mailboxes. I think I have the mailboxes figured out. However the folks at sipura are telling me this forwarding that I want to do cannot be done. Do you know if there is a way to get it to do what I want? Keep in mind I am a home user so I won’t need anything fancy I hope.

Thanks for your help

what you want to do (if it’s possible) will be accomplished in the sipura dialplans. Check the wiki at, and as i recall the forum has a section abou sipura dial plans. The dial plan is what tells the sipura what to do with calls as they come in.

Alternatively, set it to forward all calls to the * server. Upon getting them, the server will immediately dial the other POTS port on the sipura and let it ring a few times, then go to vmail. Only problem is this setup falls apart if your * server dies.

sorry not too helpful, maybe it will point you in the right direction i hope.