Sipura analog gateway and asterisk pbx

Hi, I have an pure SIP asterisk.(I don’t have any analog pci card). Then I borrowed a sipura 3000. How can I receive and make call using this setup.
What would be the config in asterisk. I wanted to happen is this, if someone dials my home number from a pstn, They will here some prompts.After they hear the voice prompts it will be transferred to my sip fone. And when am going to make a outside/pstn call using my sip phone I would like it to dial 9 first then dial the desired number
See exmple below.

Sipura 3000 Ip would be
asterisk server
sip phones - ip ---- sipnumber 101
My home phone number - 7896664

Would my extensions.conf would be like this?
exten=>7896664,1,Playback(welcome to mywolrd)
exten=>7896664,2,Playback(please wait)


exten=>_9X.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}@,20,ro) ;-> SIPURA 3000

Is this correct?Please advised. Thank you very much

If you are using pure voip then you should run ztdummy if you want to have confrencing and or music on hold.

As far as the SPA-300 you will need to point the SIP account to send all incoming calls to the incoming context and to go to exten7896664. Also have you edited your sip.conf ? As far as evrything else your configs look OK. The way to know for sure is to test it.

hi, thanks for the immediate reply. I have set-up the sip.conf file corectly.I guess. How about the outgoing calls?Is that all I need?

I’ll be doing the test tomorrow at our office. please advise. Thank you very much.


Seems to be. Test and see what happens.