HOW TO HELP NEEDED: Analog Calls In / Voip Calls Out

I’ve finally setup Asterisk using TrixBox. Awesome I must say but being new to the Open Source community and a almost non-windows environment; I’m still new to Linux and BSD. I heavily respect the benefits of running a Linux / bsd based environment since it’s secure, stable, and does not utilize all resources from my hardware like Windows does.

My question is how do you tag in a 56K analog Voice Modem with a Asterisk Voip box?

The goal is to accept inbound analog calls to the Sipura device. The goal is to keep my VOIP service for outbound calls where the downfall is there is no inbound services provided by my provider which is fine cause I really don’t pay anything to make Voip calls within the US. So to have the ability of receiving calls I figure I can just possibly tie in my voice modem to accept analog calls to the asterisk box where all analog calls are routed through the PBX system converting to the Voip Phones where I can accept calls through my Sipura phones.


  • TrixBox on a P4 2GHz 512mb 60gig rackmount (running stable)
  • Programs included: FREEPBX/ASTERISK/SUGAR CRM
  • 5 Sipura Phones & 1 CounterPath’s X-Lite 3.0 SoftPhone
  • VOIP Service SIP Support
  • US Robotics 56000 Voice USB Modem

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Simple answer, You cant use your modem to recive calls, you need an ATA such as the sipura spa3000 or a analog cord.