Should I use a GUI?


I have been playing around with asterisk, and have learned the basics of the system without using an web interface, as basic as placing a call from one SIP account/extension to another and also playing a sound when someone calls a certain number. All quite basic I’m sure, but I have found I know how to do a bit more when using an interface such as FreePBX. The amount of control I have when using an interface is enough for me as well. My question to you all is: do you all recommend i run my asterisk box without a web interface or do you all think it would make more sense to use a web interface?


The GUIs are nice if you're running a fairly simple system that doesn't have a lot of special requirements. Running an small office/home office is perfect for a GUI based system.

Running a full ITSP or a corporate PBX, not so much. The GUIs tend to pigeonhole you into very specific layouts that you really cant deviate from without risking breaking the GUI.

@jpsharp. True
A Gui is good for an out of the box solution.
If you want specific configurations, then use the plain Asterisk.