Learning asterisk vs pre-installed GUI

I have a few questions concerning learning plain asterisk as opposed to using a GUI e.g. FreePBX

For small to medium businesses with basic requirements would it still be worth learning asterisk just to gain a better understanding and for troubleshooting?

If I used a pre-compiled GUI such as FreePBX and it didn’t have a feature could I write/program this in myself?

Are products like FreePBX the only way to go to offer end users basic PBX management tasks, e.g. add, delete, phonebook entries without writing your own front end UI?

Thank you!

Personally I think learning CLi asterisk is an absolute must and so far I have found it fascinating, but I’m one of those people that likes/needs to see how things work.

A GUI such as FreePBX is good, but to be really usefull you should know whats happening under the bonnet when you’re clicking things, and you cant do everything with the GUI.

Just my 2p :stuck_out_tongue:


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    I totally agree. You can do so much more by learning how asterisk works. I have tried FreePBX, and it’s good but it gets complicated if you need to do something that fits your needs.