New to Asterisk


I am new to Asterisk (Also new to any PBX or telephony) but fairly experienced in Linux.

I have managed to Install Asterisk 1.8 and Asterisk GUI in my Centos 6 box using yum command. I can login in Asterisk GUI.

Problem is, I can’t get documentation that can help me understand Asterisk using GUI. All docs/books I can find concentrate in configuration files. Most articles/tutorials are for old versions of Asterisk and I have no idea if they are still relevant.

For someone totally new with Asterisk what do you recommend?
Should I take a book and start getting comfortable with configuration files directly or there is some way to learn Asterisk GUI.
My aim is not to become expert in Asterisk, I only want to configure some basic stuff like SIP incoming/outgoing to around 15 users quickly.

which version of asterisk GUI you are using ???
and by the way do you need asterisks tutorials or
asterisks GUI tutorials

here is some information about Asterisks GUI:


My advice would be to learn how to use it without the GUIs. You will then be in a much better position to understand the GUIs and to debug things when the GUIs break.

I suspect the authors of the GUIs asssumed that, by being a GUI, they had made everything so obvious that you don’t need documentation.

Which GUI are you using? Is it FreePBX?

If you just want to get something up and running I’d suggest downloading something like a Trixbox ISO and installing this on a low spec machine. This will give you a very quick start to getting into Asterisk to get a running configuration.

I follow David: learn asterisk without a gui.
The most important things is understanding how things work.

A GUI from which i’ m recommendad is elastix:

I couldn’t agree more about learning Asterisk dial-plans without the GUI.

However, sometimes it’s also great to have something really useful up and running quickly.

If you really, really want something that you can use very quickly have a look at PIAF: