Setup Wizard loops

I have a stable 1.4 up and running. I decided to add the gui however when I access it the setup wizard loops. Is there a way to disable the wizard?

yes I get this,
I did notice that the port for http access was different on http.conf 8088 and manager.conf 5038 I set them to the same using both configs and then put then back but the gui always came up on 5.38 even though I altered the port to 8088 on the manager.conf file ?? a bit strange that.
I see quite a few people have had this issue some have resolved it…

i don’t use the Asterisk GUI, but i would have thought trying to run the Manager interface and the mini httpd (Web) interface on the same port number is not going to fly.

I agree and put them back again, just trying to get it to work…
The mini web interface does not load either.
The GUI contantly returns the error "password not valid"
when it is…