1.4.10 GUI Loop "Wizard Setup"

Have loaded new 1.4.10 on a box which I had 1.4.4 running before, havin difficulty with thw setup wizard, can get the wizard up to step 2 of 7 and it reverts back to step 1.

Breifly displaying screen for step 3 “Service provider”.

Has anyone experienced this problem…???

Try deleting your cookies. This seems to fix a lot of GUI issues.

Attempted this but did not work, also tried to us cfgadvanced.html,

recieved the classic "Nothing to look at move on " response…

I am a bit of a dangerous amateur so I went in and config’d my service provider for SIP manually and have registration when I do a sip show peers.

It seems the web GUI wizard is stuck in a loop also defined an extension 6003 which shows up in the sip show peers.