ASTERISK GUI nightmare

Hi everyone. I have 3 asterisk servers, two of them operating withoput a p[roblem on the 1.2 framework platform. Obviously these boxes, need to be configured the “old fashion” way. that is through the commnad line and modifying the config files.

NOW, I have a third box anew server that I installed the 1.4 version and downloaded the ASTERISK-GUI format. NOT the ASTERISK NOW version.

I have installed, and used the configuration for the hhtp.conf, extensions .conf, and so. also I have executed the “make checkconfig” and is not giving me ANY ERROR, and gives me URL were i need to go to start de process of the web administration for the Asterisk…NOTHING WORKS
THAT IS NOTHING OF THE gui SEEMS TO BE BROUGHT UP, the server performs as i command it on the CLI or the confitg files. BUT the whole poiunt of the GUI app, is NOT to have to go to the command and perfiorm everything manually.

Hope you don’t mind but I just want to ask if Asterisk 1.4 is still BETA?

ever thought about posting your configs?

the gui is great. It just takes a bit of unlearning old stuff and learn how to use the gui.

You need

in http.conf
the hostname you specify is the hostname that you will put in the browser’s address bar - similar to how op_panel uses that variable (in case you’ve configured that).
also in http.conf
and the static variable in that file needs to be yes.

Make sure the manager.conf user you’ve given has “config” read and write status.

Then browse to :8088/asterisk/static/config/cfgbasic.html

If that doesn’t work - post your configs, and whatever output there happens to be. Make sure http is running.

Thank you much for the information, I have been able to access the GUI although, i have some questions regarding its’configuration and operation logic.

I started by creating a basic dialplan, since i have a TDM22 my "dialplan 1"on the GUI then recognizes ports n3.4 as the analog FXS trunks to be outgoing and 1,2 as the FXO (zap) extensions to receive a calls internally of by dialing the extension number from the outside .

At this moment I can make a call on FXS 4 (line #2)of the FXS lines , and receive on both. Still, the second FXS line upon (line#!) upon dialing ANY umber will give me a busy signal

Furthermore, upon accesing the GUI interfase, it forces you to create a default extension if the call does not have any relation. I created the incoming rule on the analog lines. i go and create an incoming rules contrext and the outgoing rule context.
I then save, and go and reload manually ( just to make sure).
At this moment everything goes out of whack

I will receive a all and it will immediatley goes to my predetermined extension.
is there a GOOD manual that can describe me more in detail the process to follow to create a hybrid dialplan?
I have guys on SIP phones, people on cell phones and others with vonage lines ( 4 guys) each wnats to have its calls routed to their device when receiving a call to their PBX extension.

I am reading the Asterisk by Reilly, perhaps some graphics, screen dumps, or code snippets will grately be appreciated.
MY other PBX in operation, a 1.2 framecode, is working very stable and not given me any issues. The 20 or so people that have an extension seem happy.
This is my first try on a 1.4 GUI system, and a neophyte on it. seems like a great tool, so you do things much faster than going manually ( 1.2 style) into every conf file and do it

Your posting are welcome

Victor H. Rocha