Asterisk GUI

Hi All,

Downloaded the Asterisk GUI from the SVN, ran the installation and all seemed to go well. However, Im running into a few issues, and I do not see them addressed on here at all, so I will venture to ask.

  1. After running ‘make install’, the directions say to run “…setup.html”. I have not been able to pull up that page, and there is not setup.html in the static-http dicectory under /var/lib/asterisk. However, I was able to bring up cfgadvanced.html and log in successfully, so I just moved on.

  2. After logging into the GUI and getting the menus, there are certain things that are off. For instance, when I attempt to add a user, it says “Sorry! User extension must be undefined digits !”, and will not take anything I give it.

  3. Under Calling Rules, it says that there is not a default dial plan found, and asks me if I want to create one. I click ok, and it flashes away and comes right back again.

  4. Under options, page is blank and just says “loading screen…” up at the top ad inifinitum.

Now, I am FULLY willing to accept that I have probably done something wrong, as I know there have been many success stories up to this point, so my question is this: Is there a particular way that I need to set up asterisk in order to prepare it for the GUI ? I am not using realtime or anything like that, and heretofore have just used static configurations.
Also, is there a log file for the asterisk http server that I can reference to get some actual error messages that I refer to next time I post on here ?

Thank you all for any help you can provide !

Ok, figured it out folks. Thanks for all the help. cough

For anyone who has interesting problems like this, check the manager.conf and make sure the read and write lines under your user has the config addendum to it.

things might have been different if you’d posted to the AsteriskNOW forums … although they don’t exactly look like a hotbed of activity !

i have no interest in the GUI (in any GUI other than my own), so tend to skip these threads.

:smiley: @ baconbuttie

The setup.html is not on the /var/lib/asterisk/static-html/config directory, it’s on a sub directory of that path called setup. If you don’t run that setup then you’ll get those errors on the extension tab, etc.