Setup of Asterisk, Voip Provider and Wifi Phone Assistance

Hello all,

I am a newbie and recently installed * but haven’t done much of anything else. I have the business edition. I was wondering if i can connect to asterisk using my VOIP provider’s box and number, and register this phone number with my * server using my static IP, no nat’d firewall, and then use a wifi phone to call from anywhere using my same voip provider phone number?

If so, how do i implement this and could you be specific as far as what files (extensions.conf, iax.conf, sip.conf) need to be used and how to program the files. I also have a linksys pap2t-na box if needed but i have no pstn line in the house at all, as we utilize lengo voip provider entirely for phone services.?

Thanks in advance.

No need to reply to this, already found out info. Can do it, but only if voip provider allows open selection of devices (ATAs). Thought i’d post this just in case some other newbie may need to know. And you can’t actually call from just anywhere either but rather from hot spots.