Wifi Voip Phone --> Asterisk --> Enterprise PABX


I would like to set up a WiFi VoIP handset to talk to our AVAYA IPOffice system.

This is what i had in mind:
Install asterisk on a PC, with a FXO card, which is plugged into an analogue port on our phone system. I want to then set up the WiFi phone to talk to asterisk, which will route the call to the analogue extension. I also want anyone that calls that analogue extension, to be routed directly to the WiFi voip handset.

Will the above work? and if so, does anyone know if there is a how-to?



It will work without a problem how ever IMHO it’s an over kill for one Wifi phone. Does your current PBX have voip support ? If yes I would look at using SIP as opposed to using a pots line.

Also here is a book that you can download that should help you out:
voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +Telephony