Providing VoIP to customers


I am starting up a WISP soon and i need to start planning the Voice side of it.

I have a dedicated computer which i plan to install asteriskNow on it.

I will be reciving the phone numbers / phone lines through my ADSL line.

Each one of my customers will have at least one phone line.

So i simply want to forward the incoming call from that phone number to the extention that that phone number belongs to.
How will i go about setting this up?

As u can tell im not too clued up on the whole VoIP thing so explain to me like im a dumbass


You could post this in the AsteriskNow forum as you have mentioned that word (see sticky)

I hate to be rude, but it sounds like you may need to employ the services of a professional :neutral_face: There’s a lot of bad stuff going on out there at the moment in the public IP world of sip. So much safer if you are playing behind NAT

Where are you based ??? Maybe someone on the board is near by who can help, or someone could log in even…

Just a thought, no offence meant. :smile:


im in South Africa.

Well all i want is simple rock solid system that works.

Or for some one to explain to me how i can link up the intenet phone number with asterisks and then how to forward it to a certain extention.

Thats all i really need to do.

The asterisk pc will be behind a firewall/router.


There’s an excellent tech list for VoIP people revolving around Asterisk and other things here:

There are many local professions there that work with Asterisk on a professional and hobbyist basis.

For your first bits of reading, I recommend Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, available in PDF format at:

The book will provide information about the basics of getting calls into or out of Asterisk using various VoIP technologies.

If your intent is to provide voice services to your customers in addition to your data services, and you haven’t been in such a business before, I concur with the previous respondent: it’s going to be very important to bring in a professional to assist you.

Best of luck and…


As above. Thats the book I started with. I managed to create a bit of a business out of it, but there has been some solid work over that period.

If you are behind NAT, and its for your customers to call you, rather than you providing telephony services to them, then you could look at a number of packaged Asterisk solutions such as Asterisk NOW, (see other forum), Trixbox, Elsastix, PBX in a Flash (flash=hurry not CF card). That gets you up and running with a GUI. You’ll have to get help from the relevant forums / mailling lists for these products as the config files are auto generated from a GUI using all sorts of methods.

This forum is more for “custom shop” asterisk installs and tricky issues with modules and such.

I started with Astlinux as it had much of what I wanted, and could run it from a USB key. That more of a classic config file setup.

Good luck
Keep us posted

YEa thanks guys,

I think im gona try freepbx.

I just need ot do some reading up on it.