Asterisk newbie


I really don’t know what I need to buy, so i’ll describe our requirements…

We need…

1 IP phone, possibly 2 within a few weeks.
1 incoming telephone number with outbound call facility

We don’t have a phone line, but we are running 2mb Broadband with 5 static IPs.

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to run Asterisk without a PSTN line, and purely run it through If it’s possible, let me know exactly what is required.

Any help is much appreciated. I look forward to using this incredible system.

First, on configuration:

Second, you should pick up this book: … +Telephony

thanks for your reply

I’ve skipped through that PDF, and it looks as if I just need an NIC controller, and no other cards.

How do the phones connect to the system? RJ45 through a hub/switch or direct into the system?


Depending on the phone you buy. If you buy a SIP phone then it will connect to a standard network and TCP/IP (or UDP too).