Setup issues

New install of Debian. Connection to the internet OK.
Asterisk 1.2.0-beta1
Trying to “make”, and this is the issue.

“configure: error: termcap support not found”

Of course, there are a few posts on this, and the solution is obvious.
apt-get install 'foo’
However, when I try that… well…

E: Couldn’t find package 'foo’
for any of the mentioned packages, minus bison.
Anyhow, any insight as to what I can change my sources.list to, in order to make this work would be appreciated. Thanks!

You must have the relevant required packages including their respective dev packages. More details on all the packages required for Debian here:

I believe what you are missing is openssl-dev, and you may get that by downloading the tarball from, untar in /usr/src, then compile and install.

These packages are required by Astersik:

Here there is a tutorial how to install Asterisk on Debian:

P.S. To find the exact name of the package:
apt-cache search
and then:
apt-get install