Setting up many incoming DID numbers

Hi Everyone!

First time posted here… I am the owner of a WISP / Paging Company and we have many users requesting VoIP service from us. We signed up with a provider to provide termination services, but now we need origination services… Unfortunately, since we live in a fairly rural geographic area, I have not been able to locate a DID provider that provides numbers in my area or surrounding areas.

Luckily, since we are a paging company we currently have over 10 different exchanges going in to our Glenayre Paging Terminal (that’s 100,000 DID Numbers, in ten different rate centers across our region).

I would really like to be able to utilize these DID numbers, but a few questions pop in to mind:

  1. Can we legally use these numbers, since we are a paging company and not a registered CLEC?

  2. If we cannot legally use these DID numbers, how difficult is it to become a CLEC?

  3. How difficult is it to set-up Asterisk to utilize these blocks within our DID range and port the rest of these numbers to our Glenayre switch? (We currently have our T1 plugged directly in to our paging terminal. Can you just use a regular Ethernet hub to split the RJ45 from the T1 into two different RJ45 line and run one to the asterisks? Or do I need some sort of telco mux?)

I’ve been using Linux for nearly ten years (by no means an expert), but I definitely can set configuration files, etc. Are there Asterisks professionals out there that would help me set up this system if it is not something that I can easily do? What is a fair going rate for off-site setup via SSH? $25-125/hr? Where should I look for these consultants?

Any other places I should look that might have relevant information on this topic?

Thanks to all who respond!

Pageing I thought I was the only one…LOL . We are in the same boat. I am using a Commone Paging terminal. We put it in when we got a T1 and the cost for setting up the Zetron to handel it was to much. I used the Digium 4 port T1 card Plugged our T into it then ran 1 to the Commone paging terminal. Everything works great. Im running 9 exchange threw mine.

One thing that we ahve run into and so far and havent got around it is that we get our T from Bell and there is no CID info . Never needed it for Pageing adn when we inquired about it htey wanted to know why we needed it. We ahve been testing with some of the numbers on our WISP and so far so good