Routing DID number to Asterisk, calling out with minutes

Would someone direct where I can read about the topology of VoIP as it relates to DID -> Asterisk -> ata/FXS device?

I want to purchase a DID number for my home, have it connect to my Asterisk server which has a ata device attached to it so I can use my five multi phone Panasonic system. This is just for learning at this point. From what I gather I can get a did in my local area for $2 a month or so. It is like buying a domain name from a register?

Basically I want to be a VoIP provider to myself for learning purposes. I host my own domains as I like to tinker. This link helps but does not show the flow of traffic. Is it like website hosting? … ext+Vonage

Does this sound correct?

  • Purchase Incoming DID’s from a CLEC like, most DID allow for unlimited calling.
  • Purchase extra channels for each did if desired.
  • Purchase Termination service for $0.0X per minute.
  • Configure Asterisk to be a PBX for the DID

Does this sound correct?