DID number for my asterisk server

Hi all,

   I would like to assign a DID number for my asterisk server.

I don’t know from where I get it and how to configure asterisk for SIP with
DID.I don’t even know the concept of DID.I know that it’s to set a tollfree number,
by which anyone can call us from any network including mobile ,PSTN etc.

What I want to do to get a DID no…How can I configure my astreisk server for DID number.


DID stands for direct in dialing. On most non-VoIP PABXes DID numbers are not toll free, but typically charged to the caller at normal rates. I suspect quite a lot of VoIP DID numbers are actually charged at premium rates.

DID tends to be misused by the VoIP community to mean any incoming gateway from the PSTN, whether or not dialled digits are forwarded. A true DID line always forwards some of the dialled digits, to allow external callers to dial directly into specific extensions.

The company that provides the PSTN to SIP gateway should provide you with information on how to configure Asterisk for their service.

Thank you very much david…

Can please specify some excellent DID providers?

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Hans Emmanuel

dear sirs,

it depends on which country’s DID you want. you can try didforsale.com or didww.com for US DID while some of the Asia region providers are myepn.net for China DID and zonetel.com for hk DID.

they all allow concurrent calls per DID number.

most of them are connected via sip trunk to your asterisk server. you need to specify the authention information in your sip.conf and define how to handle incoming DID traffic in extensions.conf.

you probably need to allocate certain bandwidth to your asterisk server in respect to codec and number of channels of DID.

Many ISPs will also provide incoming PSTN gateway services. This may be more true in places like the UK, where PSTN local loop providers are national.

If you are on good terms with your ISP, you may want to ask them first.

Thank you verymuch david

This company provide remote configuration on asterisk server for you if you apply DID number from them.


Another good choice for non usage based HK PSTN number via SIP trunk.