Setting-UP a LAN only VOIP/SIP Server for Small Office

I am a newbie to Asterisk. I have seen people using Asterisk for placing calls via internet. I would like to setup a IP based telephony system. We don’t really need any out-of-office calls to be made. Can this be accomplished using Asterisk/AsteriskNOW? If yes can you please guide me?

I tried my level best …
I installed
Asterisk 1.6 + FreePBX
Asterisk 1.6 + GUI

Which one should i use?
I would like to learn more about asterisk but i haven’t found a good guide for a noob… Like explaining about the really basic concepts…
Can you point me to one?
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Total No. of IP Phones = 67.

Also if i could remove any modules/packages that would free-up memory and resources, if i use a LAN only setup?
Thank you…

The simple answer to your question is yes, it can be used for an internal PBX. You can have connectivity to the PSTN if you want it, or not if you do not need it. There are lots of modules that can remain unloaded for features you do not want or need.

I would recommend that you pick up a copy of the Asterisk book.

the book does not really go into any of the GUI information, it talks about writing the config files from scratch. It is a really good approach if you really want to understand the system

If you want to put something up quickly with a web GUI, I might suggest PBXinaFlash ( )

You shouldn’t be using 1.6 for a new install, as it is no longer receiving normal bug fixes (1.6.0 and 1.6.1 aren’t even getting security fixes).

Most of the complexity in terms of modules loaded relates to advanced features that are likely to be used in a pure internal system. On the other hand, the configuration for pure LAN system should be extremely simple (GUIs will generate large amounts of boiler plate code, but, if the system is in a completely secure environment, and all you want is basic connectivity, the extensions.conf can be as simple as:

exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN})

This is bad for security because it means that the device names are easily guessed, so the attacker only needs to find a password. On the other hand, a simple, pure PAX wouldn’t be able to do anything dangerous if an attacker did find a device account.