Dumb newby type question


The question I have is real basic. I have been asked to investigate using VoIP to cut the costs for a UK based law firm.

My question is simple. What I have in mind is to run Asterisk on a Linux box connected to two networks. One would be to broadband, the other would be to an internal network onto which VoIP phones (via an ATA) would be connected. I want to use th Astersik system as a VoIP PBX allowing all the usual facilities, call pivking, tranfer etc.

Can this be done, and is this the correct approach.


if u are talking about setting up a PBX for the firm as a replacement for the traditional PABX then i will say yes.

I believe u have tie down with some voip service provider to provide voip->PSTN connection so that the people at the firm is able to call out from there ATA phone.

I am no expert by any standard and have answer to best of my knowledge. you might want to see other’s suggestions.