Setting up a pure voip (no PSTN) system

Hi All,

I am a n00b to Asterisk, but i am kin to learn. :smiley:

I want to be able to set up a system with soft phones (pure voip) where two clients can use a voip server to talk to each other with out any PSTN lines.
I understand that in this case i would not need a third party service because i am not starting a call on a PSTN line and ending it on a VOIP end or visa versa.

Is this possible with Asterisk ?
What are the key elements in such a system ?
Can you point me to the right direction ?

Thanks in advance

Yes, Asterisk can be used in this kind of setup. Apart from the SIP phones you will also need a VoIP provider, so you will have a link to the public telephony network.

This is more or less what I can give you to get you started. The rest is up to you to check a load of documentation that is available free on the internet. You can start here:

Thanks dejanst,

But do i really need a VoIP provider, if the only intermediate is the internet can’t i use Asterisk and a NIC card to connect clients that are using IP addresses without PSTN ?
What the VoIP provider will be used for in this scenario ?


Sorry, I miss-read your post. VoIP provider would only enable you to call to the public telephony network.

If you only want that clients that are registered on the Asterisk server to call each other, you don’t need any external service. I would only warn you that if you will allow access to the server from the internet - make security settings tight.


Yes just what i thought of, so scaling and security are the major issues that i will face.
Yes and i am aware of the hackers fest around Asterisk…

Thanks for your help.