Call center system for LAN

Hi , All friends
I am very new to Asterisk .
if i am going to build call center system in LAN without internet , can i use Asterisk for it ?
and can common telephones be used for its configuration ?
if not , what kinds of telephones can be used ?
final , what will be client app for call system ?

Yes could build a PBX that does not require the internet if you are only dealing with traditional telephony.

Receive calls on a T1/E1/FXO interface and connect them to handsets connected via FXS ports.

I don’t know what you mean by client app for call system.

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Thank you for your answer
Client app means for example , i want to communicate PC vs PC , traditional telephone vs PC telphone vs telephone ,
in this case , what app should i install on user’s PC in LAN ?

You can install any sip client …

But based on the questions you ask, I would say that you need a steep learning curve to build a call center yourself.

But Asterisk will do the trick.


Thank you for you great answer
Could you instruct me what devices i should prepare to build call center system in LAN without internet ?
(i am going to use traditional telephones and PCs , not VOIP phone )

Thats what I mean with the steap learning curve, you have to require that knowledge.

To instruct you on how to do all that will take many hours, that I and a lot of others on this forum have already invested to learn ourselfs

If you want to be instructed on how to build a callcenter, there are enough people on this forum you can hire.

If there is no budget to make use of consultants than I would advise you to start with the book “Asterisk the future of telephony”, or the asterisk wiki.

Good luck.

Thank you for advising me ,