Caller ID

Hello, I been trying to setup my asterisk in order to receive the call with the caller ID but so far I couldn’t.

I have an termination and origination service, I have one land line where people call, then I make the redirection from that number to my asterisk, and this one makes a redirection to a mobile number.
In this last redirection the caller number is lost, the mobile rings with the caller id = Unknown.

What I have to change to get the call with the phone number of the caller?

Thank you very much.

Does the network operator permit you to set an arbitrary caller ID; that’s not good practice.

If caller ID is permitted at each stage, the simplest configurations will pass it through.

Hello I asked to my operator about this issue and the answer was :

Incoming call —> FreePBX ----> PBX uses Callcentric Trunk to forward the call to a PSTN number.

In this case, the Caller ID of the Original Caller IDi s lost. In order to forward the call your PBX is using the Callcentric trunk to create an outbound call and bridging the calls locally.

I would like to know if there is something that I can do from my side to setup the caller id identification.


Using bare Asterisk, you have to do nothing special to pass the incoming caller ID through, assuming it is supported on both sides. This isn’t the right place for the fine details of FreePBX, but I would imagine that the same is true of that.

To change the caller ID, you can specify it in the incoming device entry, the outgoing general section, or by setting the CALLERID function. I don’t know how those translate to the GUI. You should ask on a forum for the GUI, although someone here may know.

If you are using SIP and you have to set a fromuser on the outgoing side, you will need use an alternative mechanism to send caller ID. Asterisk currently has better support for Remote-Party-ID, but you will have to enable that, and you will have to check whether your service provider supports it. Another method is P-Asserted-ID. For older versions, you needed to use AddHeader for that. I believe there is built in support in the latest version, although recent bug reports indicate it is not completely stable.

Again, I don’t know what support the GUI provides for configuring these methods.

Note that I would consider any service provider that passes a caller ID onwards without evidence that the number belongs to you, to be acting unethically.

Hello again, I been researching about the caller ID Issue.

I realize that in my call records (On my asterisk server) I can see the caller ID, but then when I redirect from my server to the final destination the caller ID is lost. In this way I am 100% sure that must be a way to redirect the caller ID too, because I have full access to my asterisk server, Can it be just a matter of configuration?.
Because I don’t think that the operator decides if I can pass through the caller ID or not.