Modifying caller id

First of all, Im using FreePBX. Not sure if this is a flow thru asterisk issue or a freepbx issue.

I am having a problem modifying the caller id on my extensions. I want to set the caller ID and have the changes persistent so at a glance on the phone screen, we can see the status of the call. For example…

Call comes in from “Sam Smith”. In the inbound route, set the Caller ID Name Prefix to “303:” or whatever code to identify the called number. Expect the caller id to be “303:Sam Smith”

It is routed to a primary ring group. Set the Caller ID Name Prefix to “Rg:” Expect the caller id to be Rg:303:Sam Smith

No answer, route to a backup queue. Set the Caller ID Name Prefix to “Q:” Expect the caller id to be Q:Rg:303:Sam Smith

I had a previous deployment where I used the Set CallerID feature and that modified the caller ID like I intend, and it worked, but the number of set caller ID’s got out of hand, and it seemed the Set Caller ID prefix feature was exactly what I needed, so on a subsequent deployment, I used that vs the set caller id’s. What happens is each iteration of the prefix replaced the last vs concatenate onto it.

First, is this a flow thru issue directly related to asterisk or is it a FreePBX problem.

Second, is there a way to make the Caller ID Name Prefix feature persistent in the inbound route, ring group, queue, etc vs disappear as soon as the call leaves that feature?


Using plain Asterisk all can be handle using the CALLERID() function, FreePBX have a Caller ID module to manipulate the caller ID and also other methods on the inbound route and ring groups, but that part is covered on the FreePBX forum

Yea… I thought that might be the case. The Set Caller ID is way more cumbersome to use that the Caller ID Prefix function.