Change outbound caller id for specific number

Dear All,

I have the following infrastructure. All my users are on microsoft skype for business and we use a sip trunk to connect to freepbx(asterisk version 1.8.22) for gateway and from asterisk again with sip trunk to our voip provider.I need when a call comes from spesific number of skype from bussiness server to change the CID to another number and then send it to voip provider.I found the following page
but it didnot work as my /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf is empty and i added what suggest but is not working.
Any help is apriciated


Asterisk 1.8 hasn’t received mainstream support for more than five years!

If you are using Asterisk 1.8, you should be using, as you version will have known bugs and security holes.

FreePBX is not supported on this forum. As such we are unable to say whether the code will be executed at all, let alone whether it will have the intended effect. You would need to provide verbose level 3 or more logs, to prove the former and protocol logs to prove the latter.

On the other hand, if used in an appropriate context, there is nothing obviously wrong with it, although I wouldn’t have structured ti that way.

Regardless of the use of FreePBX, most service providers will ignore any caller ID provided unless you have proved to them, in advance, that you control the line with the number you intend to present.

Hi david, thanks for respone. So i suppose i have to open a thread in freepbx forums then.


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