Outbound ID

Hi folks - I have a question - about outside calling. Whenever a call is placed from one of our VoIP phones to outside the company, The receiver’s caller ID shows the incoming call as either Private - or Unavailable! We would like to show our Company Name to the outside world when we make a call.

My question is - where in Asterisk do I set that up or is this an issue I might take up with our Internet/Phone service provider? Our caller ID works internal between our 4 offices ( East and West Coast ) but when anyone calling from our West Coast office outside the company - the call appears to be Private / Unavailable. This is what I need to change but don’t know where to do it. ( Asterisk 1.4.4 - mix of SNOM 320 and Polycom phones )

Can anyone giver me the rundown?

Thank you

Assuming You’re setting the callerid correct with CALLERID(num) to Your company number before dialing out it’s usually an issue with Your provider.
You may check with them whether they guarantee to transmit a callerid and if so in which format the callerid have to be transmitted to them so they will deliver it properly to the callee.

OK - so here is part of my problem - I inherited these systems so I didn’t do the initial set-up. can you point me to which of the conf files should that CALLERID setting need to be in. I “cat” through all the conf files in our /etc/asterisk directory but don’t see anything that shows our company name.

If I need to set that up - can I get the proper syntax for company “xyz” let’s say? I am also guessing that our provider in the state that particular office is in needs to be contacted too ( it’s a new office - new VoIP set up ).

Thank you again

You should look for the extension.conf - or if applicable - extensions.ael and grep it for Dial(.
Just before the Dial-Command You should make sure that You have there a

Set(CALLERID(num)=YourCompanyNumber) Set(CALLERID(name)=YourCompanyName)

assuming You’re using a VOIP-Provider for outbound-calls as You wrote in Your fist post.
For PSTN-Calls using DAHDI the right place for setting the callerid would be dahdi.conf for the trunk lines.
However You should also ask Your outbound-provider how to provide the CALLERID-info for them, 'cause the formats may differ or CALLERID-setting may be even setup fixed for the whole VOIP-account on their side.

Ok Folks - got it - It seems our Provider is the place that takes care of the outbound CallerID. I have a ticket in with them and they say they will make sure it happens.

Thank you all again.