Sequential Queue strategy for more than one asterisk instances

Hello everyone, I am using forum by the first time so exactly don’t know about regulations of asking and posting questions. Any how I have 6 asterisk instances and need to use rrmemory queue strategy. But every asterisk maintain its own memory for a single queue. which results in disorder of strategy. So can i centralize the memory status of queues for all instances?

No. Asterisk even has difficulty doing this across multiple queues on the same server.

If there is something confusing in the posting guidelines, please explain what it is, so that they can be improved. Apologising for not understanding them looks like you haven’t tried.

Ammmm, thanks david for your opinion. Actually I dont’t have issue with multiple queue on same server. The issue is same queue stats on multiple asterisk instances.

The point of the same server was that, if it can’t synchronise multiple queues on one server, it is not going to be able to do so for multiple instances across multiple servers.

Multiple queues on one server are working fine, it is synchronizing properly. But I need to sync same queue on two servers.

The app_queue functionality does not support this. The best option would be to roll your own (which gives infinitely more control) using ARI functionality in Asterisk 13[1]. Other individuals have done this with good success.


Okayy, thanks jcolp. let me read out for ARI.