Shared queues and agents

Hello Everyone,

I have been working with Asterisk since long time. I really appreciate efforts made by developers to build such a great telephony Engine.

I have been using Asterisk Queues with my server and have knowledge about it, but now we want to use multiple servers and want to maintain a single queue.

Here is my scenario:
I have 3 servers, running same version of asterisk and have same configurations
Lets say a queue number 5000 exists on all of 3 servers
I have 30 agents, which are distributed on these 3 servers.

What i want is: whenever there is an incoming call into queue and its routed to any of the servers then, how system will know which agents are free to accept call amongst all the servers? Is there any way to handle this situation using realtime queues/agents or shared queue/agents?

Please let me know.


Well I don’t understand your question clearly but what I suggest you may look into the topics of
Load-balancing with Asterisk or Asterisk Clusters.


Thanks for replying my question. Sorry if its confusing :frowning:
We do already have cisco hardware as load balancer. We just need to make queues shared on multiple servers, so agent can login on any of the servers in the queue.



app_queue doesn’t work that way. You’ll have to write your own queueing application that lives outside of Asterisk.



Thanks for your response.
Can you please suggest me something from where to start up?

I really don’t have any idea on startup. Any help would be appreciable. :frowning:

Can we use realtime queues and agents with Asterisk and store info and all statuses in a separate mysql database etc?


Maybe you want to try Asterisk 12 and build your own application using ARI, also take a look on this … index.html


Thanks for reply.
I will try it out. Can i get any example of using it?