Rrmemory accross queues

I have 15 different queues set up for my customer support department and each queue’s ringing strategy is rrmemory. Each queue has users that log in with different penalties so that there are 4 different escalation levels. When a customer calls in they get a menuing system which will direct them to the correct queue which has our CS people in groups based on ability.

The issue i am running into is I have some users that are in the first ring group in all 15 queues. Since the rrmemory only keeps track of ringing in a single queue it is possible that one person will be the first one called for all 15 queues. This is actually happening to us right now, I have one guy that is getting a large majority of calls because he comes in first in the morning and is in the first ring group.

Does anyone know of a way to share round robin info accross queues or change the queues in a way that will fix this? Thanks.

I have a site seeing the same thing. If there are 2 queues, then that agent seems to be fine, anytime each agent is a member of more than 3 queues then the same experience as above.

Anyone else have any ideas?